Friday, October 29, 2010

The Grades are In!!!

"Did you ever bring home a bad grade on a report card as a kid? What about an F in the arts? Hard to imagine. Well, our U.S. Senators brought home their grades, and although they weren't graded on their paintings or musical scales, many managed to fail the arts. And some failed while the other Senator in their state received an A or B!" - Americans for the Arts 

Americans for the Arts

The "Arts Action Fund" of Americans for the Arts graded how well or poorly senators have voted to support the arts. Over the past two years, 3 opportunities to support the arts were presented to senators. Twenty-eight of them received "F's". Twelve of the 28 have been singled out as "The Dirty Dozen" - click on the following link to find out why (NOTE: Use your mouse to hover over each one's picture, then click his or her picture to learn more):

Interestingly, in some states, one Senator received an "A or B" while the other failed miserably:

To view the grades for all Senators:

A final report will soon be available about those Senators who champion the arts.

To learn more about Americans for the Arts:

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