Monday, October 18, 2010

Jeanne Martin: The Fabric Chef

Breakfast and Pastry Platters - Jeanne Martin

Jeanne Martin creates soft sculptures of food (from flannel, fleece, linen, broadcloth and other fabrics) so realistic that it takes usually takes a while for viewers to realize they have been created from fabric.

Fried Chicken, Texas Style - Jeanne Martin (a tribute to Bobby Flay)

Magic in the Fabric - 3:20 minue YouTube Video

Sculptures that Look Good Enough to Eat - Interview by The Denver Post [NOTE: You'll need to scroll 1/3 way down a seemingly mostly blank page]

The Fabric Chef - Jeanne Martin's website - shows many detail views of her work


Karoda said...

I was wondering if I was going to meander around in my studio today...seeing her sculpture perked me up and I now a plan for doing my own stuff is forming in my head :)

Between you and Kyra Hicks' blog, my brain stays full...thank you!

Karoda said...

forgive the awful grammar...