Friday, September 17, 2010

Extreme Textile - Porcelain Clothing

Li Xiaofeng (who originally was trained as a muralist) sews porcelain ceramic shards from the Song, Ming, Yuan and Qing dynasties onto a leather base to create clothing which is actually wearable. Each shard is hand shaped and polished. Holes are then drilled into each corner and linked together using silver wire.

 Suit Jacket / Front View - Li Xiaofeng

Li Xiaofeng

Porcelain Dress - Li Xiaofeng

Li Xiaofeng Porcelain Clothing

Li Xiaofeng

Artist Li Xiaofeng Does Porcelain & Cotton Polos For Lacoste Holiday Collector's Series

Porcelain POLO shirt by Li Xiaofeng - Interview and closeups of artist at work

Q&A with Ceramic Artist Li Xiaofeng - This interview provides additional insight into his thought and work processes

Li Xiaofeng

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