Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fractured Atlas

Fractured Atlas is a support organization that artists need to know about. They offer a broad range of services, but the one I'm most excited about are the online courses geared to provide training in those aspects of business most important for practicing artists. Furthermore, you can take them at your own convenience as well as start and stop as often as you need. Additional courses are being added continually.

A free, basic level of membership (Community Membership) is offered. However, you may well qualify for a regular membership through one or more of the arts organizations to which you belong.

Writing an Effective Fundraising Letter - "Learn basic ingredients for writing a strong fundraising letter and start building a community of donors who will support you and your art for the long haul."

Audio Description: The Visual Made Verbal - "This course will introduce you to the principles of producing quality audio description and the importance of close communication with the end users – people who are blind or have low vision and people who seek to provide greater media access."

Getting Your Sh*t Together - "This course will take you through 10 steps to getting your sh*t together. If you complete these 10 steps, you are well on your way to being ready to engage with the art world and having a handle on just what else you need to figure out."

Professional Identity: Demystified - "This course walks you through some basic steps to clarify your professional identity, which will lay the foundation for all of the strategic planning work to come."

Fundraising: Demystified - "Producing art is generally not inexpensive. So, how do we go about paying for the work that we want to produce? We fundraise!"

 Marketing: Demystified - "As an artist or arts organization, you have to be able to market your creative offering. Learn about marketing basics like market research, segmentation, positioning, distribution, and promotion of your creative offering."

Presentation Venues - "This course on artistic venues is primarily geared towards visual artists and those working in a multidisciplinary nature. However, all artists can find some information to take away. We list the pros, cons, and how to research all kinds of spaces."

Social Media Marketing for Arts Professionals - "This course will introduce social media marketing to those who are relatively unfamiliar with the subject. It’s friendly to those who are new to social media, marketing, or both. (But seasoned marketers who’d like to brush up are also welcome!)"

All the Accounting You Need to Know - "In this course, you will gain an understanding of basic accounting principles — with minimal jargon — to prepare you to work with an automated accounting system (such as QuickBooks) for your artistic business."

Personal Financial Planning for Artists - Peace, Love, and Financial Planning - "Using the case study method, we’ll go through a process, introduce some techniques and vocabulary, so that you can find the right way to become comfortable with this important topic."

Independent Contractors vs Employees: What's the Difference - "Do you know what makes an employee different than an independent contractor? Did you know you can be charged back taxes if you misclassified the artists you pay? Learn the rules in this 70 minute video workshop!"

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