Friday, November 12, 2010

Ben Cuevas - Knitted Skeleton & Organs

Ben Cuevas is a fiber artist who has knitted a skeleton
and internal organs that are incredibly detailed and intricate.

Knitted Head & Thorax - Ben Cuevas

Transcending the Material - shows many detailed close-ups of his knitted skeleton

Ben Cuevas Interview, 2010 Wassaic Artist Resident - video of Ben Cuevas discussing his work in his studio in the Luther Barn in Wassaic, NY

Healing Disparities: The Condition of Embodiment - Interview

Healing Disparities: The Condition of Embodiment - Includes links to detailed images of knitted body parts including: Rectum; Genitosexual; Intestines; Heart, Thyroid; Brain

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Catherine Parkinson said...

This is amazing. What an incredable talent for 3D work.