Friday, November 5, 2010

Free Visual Journal Online Workshops

Starting January 1, Strathmore (one of the leading manufacturers of journals for artists), is making available a 3-part series on visual journaling. It will focus on visual journaling techniques, and each workshop will include 4 online video lessons along with supportin downloadable instructions. You also will receive additional ideas, tips and inspiration from the workshop instructor via email. Workshop sessions are self-paced and will be available online through August 1, 2011.

Workshop 1: Start Where You Are - January 1, 2011 - "We will explore the philosophy that a journal should always be a work in progress and discover the advantages of developing pages in layers using mixed-media techniques and materials such a gels, mediums, water media, paints and sprays...To personalize your journal, notice how the addition of fold-outs and embellishments make the pages interactive. Play with design layouts and spreads, and learn how to integrate writing and images while keeping design principals in mind… but not being constrained by them! And, whether you want to cover your journal with painted canvas or art it up with collage, you will see tempting examples to transform your Visual Journal into your very own masterpiece."

Workshop 2: Recycled Journal Pages - March 1, 2011 - "Reusing your own artwork in your journal pages helps you get the most out of the time you put into creating art. By using copies of previous journal pages and other art you’ve created, you will have a great stash of collage fodder right at your fingertips! Reusing your own art allows you to revisit your art in a totally new way and create pages that are uniquely your own. In addition to your recycled art, collage materials can also be found in other recyclables such as, newspapers, magazines, old book pages or other ephemera. Get the most mileage from your art and take it to exciting new places by recycling it in your Art Journal!"

Workshop 3: Building Your Visual Journal from the Page Up - May 1, 2011 - "Find your unique visual style while creating mixed media journal pages from the background up. Learn how to execute colorful and textured backgrounds with paints and inks. Work with collage papers and ephemera to explore composition. Master paper handling techniques that expand your page and enhance your journal’s flow. Finally take your journal into the real world to hone your on-site sketching and observation skills. The techniques and strategies presented in this workshop will enable you to discover your own authentic journal voice and unleash your creative energy."

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Kittie Beletic said...

Very Exciting, Gwendolyn! As an artist, it is so easy to not do something totally for oneself. I've registered and thank you for sharing!

Love your blog!


Kittie Beletic

lyric said...

You are a gem! Thanks for posting this information - I pass on links to your blog to my FB followers on a regular basis - yours is a valuable resource. Thank you for putting the time into it.