Friday, November 26, 2010

Textile Related Tutorials - Part 10

Your colleagues continue to share unselfishly...

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Learning to Critique Effectively - Jane Dunnewold - Excellent article on this topic.

Bobbin Work: Dealing with Distortion - Ellen Anne Eddy

Silkscreen Mask Using Plastic - Wen Redmond

Multi-Color Screen Printing Without a Press - Craft Chi

On a Roll: Create Your Personal Mark Using Brayers - Wen Redmond

Who Wants to Color
Coloring In and Out of the Lines
On the Loose - Dealing with Distortion
Fabric Covered Beads - Twirling Betty

Gel Glue Resist Tutorial - Janice Paine-Dawes

Thread-U-Cation - Laura Wasikowski - She continues to share her excellent instructions
The Basics -
How to Make a Little Dot in 3 Easy Steps -
Snail Trail -
Stitch Placement -
Whipped Running Stitch:
Colonial Knot:
Coral Stitch:
Combining Stitches:
Tulip Stitch:

Beaded Fringe - Lyric Kincaid

Five Ways to Use Angelina Fibers - Stephanie Forsyth - Stamping; Trapping; Textures; Roving; Making Angelina Beads

Stamping - Melanie Testa - Creating stamps using Plexiglas

Carve Your Own Rubber Stamps - Alma Stoller

How to Make Fabric Beads - Alma Stoller

Fabric Silhouette Tutorial - Maria Elkins

How to do those Innie Corners - Margaret Hunt

Using Golden Digital Grounds - Quinn McDonald

Monsoon Paper: Tutorial + Variation - Quinn McDonald

Making Glue Work for You - Quinn McDonald

Gel Medium Transfers - Easier with Videos - Quinn McDonald

Using Fixatives on Your Artwork - Quinn McDonald

Monochromatic Collage - Quinn McDonald

Gallery Hanging Tutorial - Judith Ferguson

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