Friday, April 2, 2010

Extreme Surface Design: eTextiles

Ever mused about incorporating lights, sounds, etc. into your artwork? With the advent of eTextiles, it is now possible. The melding of electronics with fabric takes surface design into a different dimension. Whether you are a weaver or art quilter, textile designer or create art garments, the following list of tutorial resources (primarily developed by Lynne Bruning) will show you how to do it.

    Angelina Fusible Fibers with Conductive Thread Incorporated - Lynne Bruning
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Conductive Thread

Conductive Fabric: Make Flexible Circuits Using an Inkjet Printer - mikey77  

Conductive Glue and Conductive Thread: Make an LED Displlay and Fabric Circuit that Roll Up - mikey77 - Using conductive glue and conductive thread you can make LED displays and circuits on any flexible fabric.

Creating Stylish Conductive Fabric - Lynne Bruning - This is a method of creating your own conductive fabric from fusible fibers that will compliment your design project.

Fused Fabric with Conductive Thread - Lynne Bruning - A method of attaching conductive thread to a garment (or whatever)

Angelina Fusible Fibers with Conductive Thread - Lynne Bruning -

Yarn with Conductive Thread Core - Lynne Bruning

Machine Embroidery Covering Conductive Thread - Lynne Bruning

Flexible LED eTextile Ribbon Array - Lynne Bruning - Yet another method to create eTextiles and wearable computers: an easy sew flexible ribbon array for LEDs.
Conductive Thread Attached to Fabric Trim - Lynne Bruning

Weaving: Straight Circuits with LEDs - Lynne Bruning - This type of weave structure has the positive and negative traces on both selvedges (both the left and right side of the fabric), giving you more options for connecting to the power source.

Weaving: Clasped Weft with LEDs - Lynne Bruning
Clasped Weft Weaving with Conductive Thread and LEDs - Lynne Bruning - this article provides more extensive information about this process
Multi-Conductor Fabri-Cable Assemblies aka Conductive Thread Encased in Bias Tape - Lynne Bruning

Conductive Thread inside a Fabric Bias Tube aka Tubes of Conductiveness - Lynne Bruning - Great application when you can't, or don't, want to sew the conductive threads into your garment.

Fabric Paint Covering Conductive Thread - Lynne Bruning

Conductive Thread: Waxed - Lynne Bruning - When sewing by hand, conductive thread frequently tangles into a knot. Not only is this a nuisance, it slows down production.
Needle Felting Conductive Fabric - Lynne Bruning
Conductive Thread Wind-up - Lynne Bruning - Got some thread but too much resistance? Got some wire that's too thin? Need a special fashion look to complete your eTextile design? In a pinch to finish some soft circuitry?
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping to spread the passions of eTextiles Gwendolyn!

Gwen Magee (Gwendolyn) said...

Lynne, Thank YOU for being so generous and willing to share your knowledge.