Monday, April 19, 2010

Mira's List

Mira Bartok is an author/artist who speaks at universities and conferences
about grants and other opportunities for people in the arts.
Her full professional bio can be read at the bottom of her blog.

Mira's List is Mira Bartok's blog and is devoted to providing artists with "...up-to-date information, resources and deadlines for grants, fellowships and international residencies. Money, time and a place to create."

Mira unequivocably states that her blog " for serious professionals only, from emerging to mid-career to established. " If you have any burning questions about any of these topics, she is the one to contact. For example, a recent post provides Tips on Funding Artist Residencies and addresses many hidden costs that you may not have considered in your budget or erroneously assumed were covered if you received a grant:

Mira's List Blog

FAQ's: Grants

FAQ's: Residencies, Artist Colonies, Retreats and AIR's

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