Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Could This Happen to You and Your Art?

The following is a very ugly example of what can happen when “What ­I think…” is taken to the extreme, morphing into “You better not think differently than I do…”

In May 2004 Lori Haigh, a mother of two and owner of Capobianco (an art gallery in San Francisco), was verbally attacked, spat upon and punched in the face for daring to exhibit an artwork. The targeted painting, titled “The Abuse”, depicts abuse of Iraqi soldiers in Abu Ghraib by American soldiers. As noted by Guy Colwell, the artist, “Ironically the attackers against the gallery mimicked a similar kind of hate and violence that the painting attempts to illustrate.”

On the web page are before and after photos of the gallery, vidcasts of the violence, an audio clip of one of the bone-chilling messages recorded by the answering machine, and transcripts of some of the other messages. Many newspaper articles also are printed although they are difficult to read in the white text on black background format.

The text for one of the articles printed in the San Francisco Chronicle can still be accessed on its website: "Attacked for Art, S. F. Gallery to Close"

A large format image of "The Abuse" can be viewed on the following website:

Vyala, thank you for posting the link to this article on your blog comment.

And God Bless America!

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