Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Making Meaning - The Art of Virginia Harris - Post # 4

3O.5 inches X 35 inches. Commercial cotton and synthetic fabrics, leather. Computer printed on commercial and treated fabrics. Machine pieced and quilting. Original design 2004
Artist Statement
Conflict of interest is the watchword in Washington these days. With the war in Iraq offering a windfall to many corporations, the feeding at the government trough has reached epidemic proportions. The Congress and Whitehouse are already in the trough. Globalization will soon have the world gobbled up by these same corporations. Many of the corporations have unfamiliar names, are law firms that protect corporations, lobby congress and are the conduit for a lot of money that gets to the politicians as they get a lot of money for their clients.
In the meantime, death, war, poverty, destruction, terrorism, and environmental degradation happens all around.
A DVD documentary of Virginia's work along with video of her commentary is available for $20.00 + S&H. It contains three sections: biographical, political (with artist commentary about each piece), and a retrospective set to music.
To obtain a copy, email her at: vhquilts@sonic.net

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