Sunday, July 22, 2007

Making Meaning - The Art of Eva Henneberry - Post # 3

Tears for an Ailing Planet

28 x 29", 2004

Artist Statement:

"Tears" started out as an experiment with hot water soluble fabric! I made the "fabric" which turned out to be wonderfully 3-D and then wondered what I could do with it. So I wound up cutting it into these drop shapes, and then the idea came to me. I followed it with "Tears 2" (Endangered!) and "Tears 3" which is "Habitat Encroachment" in which I merged a cityscape with a landscape, then them made the city "creep metastatically" into the landscape...

“While I love and enjoy creating aesthetically pleasing pieces, I feel truly most balanced when they also make a statement about the world I wish to help create. I believe that artists can participate actively in helping to shape a better world.”

For more information about Eva and to see her full range of art:

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