Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Making Meaning - The Art of Carolyn Mazloomi - Post # 1

Echoes of Siti
57” x 43.5”, 2005
Cotton, silk, machine appliqué, lamé, machine quilted.

Artist statement:

The Hindu dowry system and arranged marriages has taken a gruesome aspect. If the bride's family does not have enough money to pay a suitable dowry price, the husband might kill the wife, so he can remarry and get a better dowry from another family. These murders, known as "dowry deaths," are common and are rarely investigated. These deaths are usually by burning in kitchen fires (which are classified as accidents) or while the bride is sleeping. The National Crime Bureau of India found that there were 6,917 dowry deaths in India each year. Fire is at the heart of Hindu ritual. The goddess Sita walked through fire to show her love for her husband. The death of these Indian women emerged as the Echoes of Siti…a lethal synergy between tradition and modernity.

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