Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Making Meaning - The Art of Virginia Harris - Post # 3

41.5 inches X 28.5 inches. Cotton, plastic, Photoshop printed fabric. Machine pieced and quilted. Adapted from a photograph. 2004

Artist Statement

The phrase sounds good. Would that the intent was as good. As learning and education are put on the back burner while test scores have been made the primary concern of school administrations. Low test scores equal less money. In the meantime, money is being diverted from schools to other pursuits. The result is schools are closed due to lack of funds. No child left behind takes on a totally new meaning.
A DVD documentary of Virginia's work along with video of her commentary is available for $20.00 + S&H. It contains three sections: biographical, political (with artist commentary about each piece), and a retrospective set to music.
To obtain a copy, email her at: vhquilts@sonic.net

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